Thursday, 24 September 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Took His Training From Cuban Sports Federation

Jose Luis Acanda is a proficient Tae Kwon do instructor with a tremendous experience in training 100 students ranging of all age groups. He instructed 4 classes on daily bases and provided private sessions in TKD for conditioning and sparring. He has won Nation Championship 4 times. He has been a part of an Olympic team. He is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon do Black Belt trainer with expertise in good kicking techniques. He has been a Tae Kwon do instructor in Mountain Kim, which is located in Tysons Corner, Virginia from 2007 to 2009.

Jose Luis Acanda was educated in Cuba in Fajardo Sports Graduation School and trained by the elite Cuban Sports Federation in Olympic style tae kwon do. He did his first job as a Tae kwon do instructor at a junior high school in the province of Pinal del Rio, Cuba. He was born in Cuba  where he use to teach in military training. Then, he moved to America in 2004. Here, he attended the martial school for 8 years and became a Virginia State Champion once. He has also worked with Armani Exchange, Tysons Corner, Virginia where he successfully interacted with customers and retail buyers to expedite orders.

Jose Luis Acanda also encourages more and more parents to make their kids do tae kwon do and get active because he loves to see parents setting a positive example and take care of themselves. His hard work and dedication can be seen through the training he provided. He loves seeing the positive impact that training has on his students. When not busy with training his students, he likes to play paintball, riding bike, running, camping trips and dancing. He is very close to his family and also spends quality time with them.

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