Monday, 23 November 2015

Jose Luis Acanda Montano Possesses A Wealth Of Knowledge About Martial Arts

Jose Luis Acanda Montano is an experienced martial arts trainer from Cuba, who takes great pride in the fact that he has helped numerous students learn martial arts through his excellent service. Jose was a member of a “Cerro Pelado Tournament”, a four time national champion, and a Virginia state champion. He was born in Cuba, where he completed his high school, and later moved to the United States in 2004. His first job was at a junior high school in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where served as a Tae kwon do instructor. Later, he got the chance to work for many reputed companies.

Jose Luis Acanda Montano enjoys training young students in martial arts, and more importantly loves to see the positive impact his training has on them. The only thing he wishes is to see more parents doing tae kwon do with their kids and get active. He says that by joining their children in martial arts training, parents would set a position example.

As a person, Jose Luis Acanda Montano is warm, friendly, and kind-hearted. When he was a kid, his hero was Fidel Castro as that’s what he was taught to believe. But as he grew older, he realized that everyone who takes care of their families and works hard to improve is a hero. Now, he looks up to all those people, who strive hard to give their family a better life. Jose always follows his principal trainer, Joaquin Palacios’ advice to always do the right thing and help out people in need.

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